Executive Coaching

Executive coaching works best when 1) the individual has insight and is motivated to change; 2) there are clearly defined and agreed upon goals; 3) there is active support within the organization. We work with organizations to create the right formula for success for those being coaching and the broader organization.

All of our coaching programs are customized to meet the needs of the individual executives and improve the business results of the organization. The goal is to increase the effectiveness of the executive through gaining insight and new approaches that result in sustained behavior change.

We begin with an assessment phase to pinpoint goals for the coaching and determine the executive’s level of insight and willingness to engage in the process. We then craft a coaching plan, which is agreed upon by the coach, the executive, and the organization. As we move into the coaching phase, we provide tailored coaching sessions to meet the goals identified in the coaching plan. We conclude each program with an assessment to determine progress toward the agreed upon goals.